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Been a bit of a tough second half of the year. Soaring prices and falling incomes have affected many this year. Not that the Government care, they're all multi-millionaires looking out for themselves. One piece of good news is that I have now started a full time job. So, hopefully things are starting to look up. My role is that of a tutor, helping and encouraging the adult people who have been made redundant by successive mismanagement schemes, set up by successive mismanaged Governments.

So, what have I been doing lately.
Not an awful lot actually. I have been back doing voluntary work at the Oxfam Bookshop in Chippy, we are now doing online sales and the biggest percentage of the work that I have been involved in has been cataloging the books for sale via the internet thru Amazon. Also I have been continuing to deal with the shops H&S procedures. I have now been officially included in the Oxfam H&S Committee for Shop Volunteers.
The Job front looks to be very difficult at the moment. "Osbourne" has no idea of how to get the country back into shape. And "Call me Dave" is out of his depth as PM. Seems like Cleggy has been told to sit in a corner and keep quiet. Bet they're regretting joining a coalition party called the CONDEMS now!

Started my OU course in Website Design so there may be some more updates soon!

I have now added a new forum system in my Blog so that I can update my blog more often.

OU Course has finished

Very disappointed in this course. It was about 10 years out of date. It insisted on using an editor package that was unable to cope with even basic linking and they insisted that the way to display a web page was using a <table>!!! The <div> was not even mentioned. Needless to say I passed it anyway.

The second course was somewhat different and to be honest, it did not give the students enough time on the essential componants such as regular expressions and setting up the final exam/project. needless to say, I have to resubmit this project but, they have not informed me what and when it is to be submitted!

Been on a Government Funded Training Course for the last 3 months. Nov 2010 to Feb 2011. I say "training course" with reservations, I was informed that if I did not attend then my JSA benefits would be stopped! Sounds more like the "Getting the Kings Shilling" than anything else really. They have subsequently done this anyway!!!
- So, I attended the course and thoroughly enjoyed it! Met a lot of nice people, and the staff were very helpful. I managed to obtain a new "Driving Licence", you may laugh. It means that I now have a licence to drive computers, so move over Buzz Aldrin! Actually, it's called an ECDL. A European Computer Driving Licence no less! Essentially it is the same as the RSA CLAIT that I already had, but it has been rebranded for the British Integration into a European State, like say Califonia, Alaska or Hawaii is to America.

I am currently trying out a new bit of coding for my site, I am including a text file as a blog to see what it turns out like. Of course, it means that I will have to insert all the necessary html codes in order to get the desired look that I am wanting.

Corrected the error in physics for the experiments of Galileo. Started new subject in Mathematics - Roots.

Recently, with the help of a friend, I created a new webite for someone. This can be accessed via the links menu.

Have been embarking on a new career path these last few months. Since being made redundant in the wake of the GLOBAL Economic Collapse, brought about by corporate and individual greed and altruism, I have been looking into the process of becoming a teacher. And, yet again, the Government are interferring in this establishment because they cannot think of anything better to do, except bail out the banking industry with taxpayers money, who aren't lending any money to the taxpayers, so that they can ensure that their bonuses are paid on time and at a grossly overinflated rate.

Had some problems over the last couple of months and have not had the motivation necessary for updating the site. Have also had a few mistakes pointed out to me and i hopefully have now corrected them.

Check out the links menu for some more websites.

Have done some more work on Astronomy - The Sun. Also fixed a couple of minor errors relating to links and amended a couple of the popup information features
Have also updated Physics.
Chemistry and Biology are proving to be difficult as I am uncertain on where to start them from in terms of content. Have looked at doing a pdf file for the periodic table, again layout format and content are issues to be dealt with there.
For mathematics I have decided to jump in at the deep end. I will start with number theory and go backwards from there.

This site is updated frequently, please visit often for new information posted.